Laser Hair Removal: Top Questions Answered

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there.

As humans, we have hair growing from all parts of our body in every direction. Certain regions of hair growth may cause embarrassment or be unsightly. In order to remove these unwanted hair, various at-home methods such as waxing and shaving are convenient choices that come to mind. While these methods start with a low price tag, they do not serve as the long term solution for hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a process where the area is exposed to pulses of laser light which helps to drastically reduce hair growth or even destroy the hair follicle. It’s effective in permanently removing or reducing the amount of hair growth in an area of the body. Besides, it’s more economical given the hassle saved with waxing and shaving. It’s also a more cost-effective solution in the long term.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

It is only permanent when the hair follicle is completely destroyed.

Otherwise, the hair follicle may recover and hair may grow back again. However, even if it is not 100% permanent, most people report satisfactory reduction of hair in the treated area after 6 sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

The painful level of this treatment falls between shaving and waxing. As you have more treatments, the hair becomes finer and progressively becomes less painful.

Is Laser Hair Removal not safe for dark skin types?

This may have been true many years ago when laser technology first came out. It was not mature enough to treat a diverse population, especially people with dark skin tones. However, the latest generation of lasers is safe to use on almost all colors of skin without a risk of scarring.

Is Laser Hair Removal Danagerous?

There have been rumors saying lasers emit radiation and there’s an increase risk of cancer with laser treatments. This is simply not true. In contrast, there is laser therapy to remove or destroy cancer and abnormal cells that can turn into cancer.

At Medical Spa Club, the laser we use for hair removal is Nd:Yag laser, which has minimal effect on surrounding tissues. As such it is the deepest-reaching while also being the safest laser to use on any skin of color. Clinical studies show it can successfully target black hair in patients with dark skin or light-coloured hair on pale skin tone. Learn more about our Laser Hair Removal treatment here.

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