Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) is Treatable!

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body sweats more than it needs to in order to achieve an optimal body temperature. It affects roughly 900,000 people in the Canadian population, where 300,000 people have a severe form of the disorder.

This condition can lead to a decrease in quality of life as it affects your productivity and confidence. Not many people know that this is a treatable condition and therefore do not seek medical help for it.

We’ll explore this topic more and let’s find out the treatment options of this condition!

Where does it occur?

Hyperhidrosis mostly occurs in the areas of the underarms, hands, feet, and face.

Do I have Hyperhidrosis?

If you are experiencing more sweating than your peers in the areas mentioned above, you might be affected with this condition.

The following indicators may serve as a guide to help you determine whether or not you should see a doctor:

  • Sweat for no apparent reason, all of a sudden, at any time of day
  • Sweat profusely only on certain areas of your body
  • Change clothing multiple times a day to stay dry, or to avoid bad body odour
  • Avoid wearing certain fabrics to avoid embarrassing sweat or body odour and stains
  • You are embarrassed to be in public or to participate in social activities because the excessive sweats
  • Find that antiperspirants don’t work satisfactorily

However, the above indicators cannot be served as a self-diagnosis. Reach out to your local medical doctor for official diagnosis and to find out a solution for you.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are a few different treatment options, though none is working to serve as.

There are thermal energy and laser therapies to destroy nerves associated with sweat production. Prescription oral pills and cream can be used to temporarily relieve excess sweating. For severe cases, invasive and risky surgical option may be required to remove the sweat glands.

The medical use of botulinum toxins proves to work effectively to treat hyperhidrosis.

How do Botulinum Toxins work in treating Hyperhidrosis?

Botulinum Toxins are injectables to block nerves associated with sweat production.

This usually requires about 1 – 2  weeks to take effect, and must be repeated every 4 – 6 months. It usually costs $1,000 for a single session, but the actual cost will depend on the treatment area and the units of Botulinum Toxins required.

Are hyperhidrosis treatments covered by MSP or health insurance?

Hyperhidrosis is classified as a medical condition, though not necessarily one that is covered by health plans and insurance providers.

When it comes to treatment solutions in B.C., some prescribed solutions may be covered under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) or Pharmacare. Most other treatments are not covered.

For sweating treatments, some extended health companies offer partial coverage for this specific treatment. The Botulinum Toxins medication is typically covered by the majority of private drug plans, and an additional injection fee is charged to the patient for performing the procedure.

Therapeutic Botulinum Toxins is available at Richmond Medical Spa Club for hyperhidrosis treatment. Schedule an assessment with Dr. Pinkhasik today to learn about your treatment plan.

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